Spanish Vocabulary

Spanish Vocabulary Notes in Spanish

We have created some Spanish Vocabulary Notes with examples (and sometimes photos) to help you learn this fascinating language. Note that the pages are entirely in Spanish so that you can learn the main word and other ones associated with it in its description / explanation.

Spanish Vocabulary Notes (in English)

Over the next months we will create Spanish Vocabulary pages with English explanations, thinking of the people who have a basic level of Spanish.

We already have a section about common mistakes in Spanish and frequently confused words where we have explanations in English.

Pages in English for learning Spanish Vocabulary:

  • Colors - Colors in Spanish, word order and typical things associated with each one
  • Days & Months - The days of the week and the months of the year in Spanish
  • Family Members - Members of the family from your immediate family to relatives.
  • Fruit - The names of fruit in Spanish
  • Greetings and Farewells - also congratulations, wishing someone luck or to get well
  • Numbers - The numbers in Spanish (cardinal numbers, ordinal numbers and fractions)
  • Spanish-speaking countries and capitals - A list of countries where Spanish is the official language along with the capital city of each one.
  • Sport - Different types of sport and typical vocabulary about each one.
  • Valentine's Day - Valentine's Day Vocabulary and Expression in Spanish including the difference between Te Amo and Te Quiero.

Spanish Vocabulary Games

On our Spanish Vocabulary Games page you will find many interactive games to help you improve your Spanish vocabulary. We have the games divided into Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Spanish.

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You can find us on Twitter at @WoodwardSpanish. We publish updates of any new Spanish Grammar or Vocabulary pages that we create as well as other Spanish learning/teaching material we think you will find useful so remember to follow us!

Chilean Spanish

We have created a dictionary about Chilean Spanish including slang, swearwords and idiomatic expressions. We also have a Chilean pronunciation guide.

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Last Updated: 23 February 2015
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