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Difference between Ves and Vez

Sometimes native Spanish speakers from Latinamérica confuse the word Ves with Vez when they write it. (check out twitter or Facebook where you will probably see the wrong one written a lot)

This is a common mistake because outside of Spain the S and the Z are pronounced the same (like an S) so the correct ending can easily be confused when the word is written.

But why isn't it so common in Spain?

Because in Spain the letter Z is pronounced like the TH in English so there is an audible difference, which they remember when writing the words.

But... What is the difference between Ves and Vez?

Ves is the conjugated form of the verb VER for tú (in the present tense).

Yo veo (I see), Tú ves (you see).

Vez is a noun with usually means: the time or occasion in which something happened.

Expressions using Vez

Note there are some different expressions that use Vez.

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