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Los días de la semana - The days of the week

Notice that the days of the week in Spanish do not begin with a capital letter.

El fin de semana (the weekend) includes the days sábado and domingo.

A día feriado is a public holiday or a day without work or school. It is usually because of a special date in that country like the National Day (Día nacional) or the First day of the year.

The days of the week in Spanish are Masculine so we say:

Note however that when we talk about the days in plural, as in Mondays or Fridays, only sábado and domingo have an S added in plural form.

Days of the week in Spanish

Los meses del año - The months of the year

Notice that the months of the year in Spanish do not begin with a capital letter.

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Días de la semana - Spanish Days of the Week Worksheets Meses del Año - Spanish Months of the Year Worksheets

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