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Chilean Spanish and Slang

Chileans use a lot of slang in everyday speech and for someone that has studied Spanish in a "normal" environment (School, University), it may feel like you have to start from scratch again. But fear not, we have created a dictionary of Chilean Slang which also doubles as a cultural dictionary.

We also recommend you check out our quick guide to Chilean Spanish Pronunciation and our list of Chilean Food with what each one means in English.

To really test your knowledge of Chilean Spanish you may want to try and read a local newspaper called La Cuarta that uses a lot of Chilean slang and idiomatic expressions.

The following is a quick guide to each word. Clicking on a word that is highlighted will send you to a page with a more detailed description of its meaning and use with examples. Coming SOON

Remember to only use these words in the right situations otherwise they can make you look:
1. stupid 2. vulgar or 3. like a dick. 4. All of the above (You have been warned)

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Chilean Spanish Dictionary

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A pata: on foot

Al lote: careless, untidy; too casual

Al tiro: right away; immediately

Amermelado: Silly, stupid person

Andar a lo gringo: to not wear underwear

Apagar la tele: to become unconscious

Arrugón(a): Someone who doesn't fulfill what they have said and pulls out (at the last minute)

Bacán: Cool, awesome, sweet!

Bolsero: Someone who always ask for things from everyone else (cigarettes, food etc).

¿Cachai?: Do you understand? Do you get it?

Cachipún: the game "Rock, paper, scissors"

Cacho: a problem; a difficult person or situation

Cachurero: junk; odd bits and pieces; stuff

Calentar la sopa: to sexually be a tease (to a male)

Carrete: party

Chalas: sandals

Chela: beer

Chueco: crooked; not straight; dishonest

Copete: Alcoholic drink

Copucha: a piece of gossip

Cuico: rich snob

Engrupir: to smooth talk

Filo: It doesn't matter

Fome: boring, lame

Guagua: baby

Guata: belly; stomach

Huevón: This has a thousand different meanings. Check them out here: Huevón, Weón, Güeon

Lanza: a thief that snatches someones purse, necklace or cellphone from its owner.

Lata: boring

Luca: one thousand pesos CLP$1000

Meter la pata: To put your foot in your mouth; to stuff something up

Mula: fake; false

Paco: carabinero (policeman)

Pagar el pato: To pay the consequences

Palta: avocado

Pilucho: naked

Piscola: pisco with cola

Polola: girlfriend

Pololo: boyfriend

Poto: bum

Plata: money

Pucho: a cigarrette

Sapo: a nosey person

Taco: a traffic jam

Taxi: a fake blond. You will notice that taxis have yellow roofs and a black lower part.

Tener mala pata: to be unlucky, to have bad luck

Tranqui: calm (down); don't worry

Volado: Stoned

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