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Huevon Weon Gueon Chilean Slang


Also written as Hueón, Weón o güeón, this word is used an incredible amount in Chile. Unfortunately for the beginner, there are many many different meanings depending on the context, tone and basically the weather too if you like.

The way you say Huevón is important sinces it can change the meaning of the word considerably. You can use Huevón in the same sentence with two different intonations and the person hearing it will understand two different things.

The word Huevón is also the basis of many other variations of the word like: aweonado, huevear, weas, weonaje and many more.

Let's look at what if means in its most simple form... Huevón.

Huevón is a noun that can mean the following:

Friend, Mate, Bro:
When it's used to refer to a person that is close to you (and used in a friendly way), Huevón means friend, bro(ther), mate etc.

Someone you don't know:
It can be used to refer to a third person that you don't know. If it is said in a neutral way, it can just mean "guy". If it is said in a derogatory way it can mean "jerk" or "dickhead".

Jerk, Asshole, Dickhead:
Huevón can also be used in a derogatory way. When said in a negatively it can mean Jerk, Asshole or something similar.

Huevón has both a masculine and a femenine form:

In internet, the word weón is written more than the other forms (with or without the tilde/accent mark) and with text messages or chats it is common to just use the abbreviation “wn”.

Expressions using huevón (hueón, weón o güeón)

Huevón aperrado: Someone who accompanies a friend through any situation or event. Someone that puts up with difficult situations in life.
Huevón tela: a nice / friendly person.

Hacerse el huevón: To act innocent so as not be acused of something in reality you did do. To pretend that you don't know or understand something when you do. To pretend that you didn't see something happen.

When someone does something stupid, sometimes they people chant the following:
Weón weón, weón weón, weón weóoooon weeeeeeeeón, weón.
(The soundtrack coming soon to a record store near you... :)

¿Faltó algo weón?

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