Spanish Verbs List

Conjugation with examples

The following list of Spanish verbs contains links to individual pages with a complete conjugation of that verb. We have included examples of each verb in each tense.

You will also find some useful words and expressions associated with the verb at the end of each page.

Sometimes there is be a game to practice the conjugation of the verb in different tenses.

Verb Notes Games English Meaning
Abrir --- open
Comer Comer eat
Conocer Conocer know, meet
Conseguir --- get, obtain
Dar Dar give
Dejar Dejar leave
Estar Estar be
Hablar Hablar speak
Hacer Hacer do/make
Ir --- go
Jugar Jugar play
Llegar --- arrive
Llevar Llevar carry, take
Mirar --- look at
Pedir Pedir ask for
Querer Querer want
Saber --- know
Salir Salir go out, leave
Ser --- be
Tener Tener have
Tocar Tocar touch, play an instrument
Tomar Tomar take
Usar Usar use
Vender Vender sell
Venir Venir come
Ver --- see
Viajar Viajar travel
Visitar Visitar visit
Vivir --- live
Volver Volver return, come back

More coming.... when we find the time :)

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Last Updated: 18 November 2014
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