Spanish Reading Practice

Spanish Texts with Vocabulary

A great way to learn Spanish vocabulary is by reading texts, stories or articles that are completely in the language. That is why we have written are own short reading passages in Spanish about different topics.

Remember not to worry about trying to understand all of the details and the grammar rules that appear. Just try and get the gist or general idea of the text. As your Spanish improves, return to each passage and you will be surprised by just how much more you have learned.

Spanish Reading Passages

Here is the list of original reading passages that we have created. Below each passage we have also included a list of vocabulary associated with the topic along with a definition of each word.

NOTE: All of these pages are entirely in Spanish.

Aeropuerto - Airports.
Bancos - Banks and Finances.
Cine - Cinema and movies.
Colegios - Schools.
Corrupción - Corruption.
Excusas - Reading about excuses with some examples.
Fiestas Patrias de Chile - Chilean National Day Celebrations and typical things associated with it.
Fobias - Reading with a list of Phobias in Spanish.
Fumar no es sano - Smoking is not healthy.
Hospitales - Hospitals and Health
Internet - Internet
Miedo - Reading about Fear and causes of it.
Pesadillas - Nightmares
Viajes - Vacations and travel.

For Teachers

We now have Spanish reading passages with comprehension activities in PDF format that Spanish teachers can download and use in their classroom.

  • Daily Routines - Reading Passage about the daily routine of the strongest man in Chile
  • Deportes - 20 short reading passages about different sports
  • Easter Island - 3 Reading Texts with exercises and a teacher lesson plan.
  • Gustar - A letter using the verb Gustar. Includes a Gustar Sentence Structure Chart.
  • Mascotas - 5 short reading activities about pets for Spanish 1

Reading Passages in Spanish about Special Days of the year

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Last Updated: 23 February 2015
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