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Woodward Spanish is divided in two main sections: Spanish Grammar and Spanish Vocabulary.

34 Spanish Grammar Rules
Learn Spanish with our grammar guides and notes including rules and many examples to help you understand.

New - Prepositions of Place in Spanish (Explained in English)
New - También vs. Tampoco - The difference between these words
New - Palabras agudas, graves, esdrújulas y sobresdrújulas
New - Gustar - How to say you like something in Spanish (Explained in English)
88 Spanish Grammar Games

Learn Spanish with our interactive grammar games that help you practice different grammar rules and structures.

New - Gusta vs Gustan - The difference between these words
New - Pasado vs Presente vs Futuro - Past vs Present vs Future
New - Preposiciones de Lugar - Prepositions of Place
New - Muy vs Mucho - The difference between Muy and Mucho

54 Spanish Vocabulary Topics

Learn Spanish with our Vocabulary topics on different areas with examples and sometimes photos to help you learn it.

New - Miembros de la Familia - Family Members
New - Carnívoros, Herbívoros y Omnívoros - Carnivores, Herbivores...
New - Sistema solar y los planetas - Solar system and planets
New - Seres Vivos y Objetos - Living Things and Objects

75 Spanish Vocabulary Games

Learn Spanish with our interactive Vocabulary games divided into Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Spanish Vocabulary.

New - Los Números Ordinales - Ordinal Numbers
New - Familia - Árbol Genealógico - Spanish Family Tree Vocabulary
New - ¿Es Carnívoro, Herbívoro u Omnívoro? - Is it a carnivore or ...?
New - Los Planetas - Planets of our solar system

More Spanish Learning Resources

Would you like to be able to communicate and interact more efficiently with Spanish speakers in their own language? Well, we can help you learn Spanish from the comfort of your home.

Spanish Reading Passages
Reading texts, stories and articles in Spanish about different topics. Below each passage there is a list of vocabulary associated with the topic along with a definition of each word.

Spanish Teacher / Student Codes
A list of codes that Spanish Teachers can give to their students making it easier for them to find additional activities that you recommend they do outside of the classroom.

Spanish Verb Conjugations
A list of 29 Spanish Verbs with their complete conjugation (verb changes) as well as examples of each tense. There are also interactive games to practice the correct conjugation of each verb.

Common Mistakes in Spanish
A list of commonly confused words in Spanish where we have explanations in English to help you understand the difference. There are also interactive games to practice them.

Chilean Spanish Pronunciation
A guide of how to pronounce like a Chilean.

Chilean Spanish Dictionary
A dictionary of Chilean Slang and expressions.

Learn Spanish Blog
Our blog with tips for learning Spanish, proverbs, idioms, stories as well as jokes in Spanish. We also have resources for Spanish Teachers.

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