International Food Night

Woodward Chile Student Photos

Photos from our first International Food Night at Woodward Chile.

Everyone that came in to Woodward had to pass through 'Immigration' to receive their special visa (their name tag with their country). Before anyone could continue on, they had to go through customs and declare any food and alcohol that they had brought with them. The country regulations clearly stated (on the whiteboard) that no food nor alcohol could enter and would be confiscated. It was a busy night on border control with over 35 confiscations in one hour.

At the end of the hour we put all the food and drinks on the tables in the patio for all to enjoy.

We created the immigration scenario so that everyone got to try all the different varieties of food at the same time.

If we hadn't put everything out at the same time, the last ones to arrive might have missed out on what the first people had brought along.

The night was VERY successful and I can guarantee that nobody went home hungry. We even had so much food left over that most of the people took home a doggy bag filled with goodies.

Different nationalities that participated:

Chile, Peru, Brazil, Panama, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, New Zealand, Australia, Poland, France, Hungary, the Czech Republic, England, Scotland, Ireland.

Some of the international food (and drink) that we had that night were:

Brazil - Moqueca Baiana, Bachida

Australia - Anzac Biscuits, Salmon Rissoles

New Zealand - Asparagus Rolls, Sausage Rolls

Chile - Empanadas, Leche Asada, Mote con Huesillos, Pebre, Porotos con Riendas, Sopaipillas, Humitas, Calzones Rotos, Cola de Mono

Japan - Yakitori, Onigiri

England - Devonshire Cream Tea (Scones)

Scotland - Vegetarian Chicken Curry

Ireland - Potato Soup

Panama - Patacones

Hungary - Goulash

Czech Republic - Goulash

Peru - Papas al Huicano

Poland - (Not too sure about this one!!!)

Francia - Chocolate Mousse, Raspberry Tart

There was other yummy food that was there as well as some typical drinks from some of the countries.

In the end, every left with a full stomach after a great night!

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Last Updated: 26 June 2012
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