Beer Tasting Evening

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Lots of beer bottles

This was una tarde de cerveza or Beer evening that we held at Woodward Chile. It wasn't just a free-for-all drunken binge. We actually learnt a lot about the history of beer, the processes involved in making it, how to distinguish different types... and then the binge began.

A presentation about the history of beer and how it is made

And if you are wondering why there are so many black and orange balloons, it was because of the Halloween Party we had around the same time.

You can see the concentration on their faces

You can see the concentration on their faces, well apart from the rowdy corner on the left.

A nice surprise for the presenters

Katerina brought some beer from her home country of The Czech Republic for the presenters to try. They really appreciated the gesture.

Lots of happy smiley people

Lots of happy smiley people.

The process of making homebrew

We would like to thank Minicerveceria for taking the time to come along and explain everything to us and for providing all of the beer (there was a whole van full!!!)

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Last Updated: 07 November 2014
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