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Student BBQ on Cerro San Cristóbal

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon in the middle of January we had a Barbeque for our staff and students on Cerro San Cristóbal. This is the main hill in Santiago that has the huge statue of the Virgin Mary on top of it overlooking the city (you know, the one that's on all the postcards).

There were 25 of us that met at the Language School at noon and we all piled into the cars of teachers and students to go up as a group. Since we arrived up the top early (by Chilean standards) we were lucky to find a nice place with ease.

One of our Spanish students (Connie from Australia) is a Yoga Instructor so there was a number of us taking part in a group Yoga session on the hill. It was quite invigorating and worked up an appetite for everyone! You could tell who was totally out of shape and non-flexible, the same person who used the excuse of having to take the photos.

The first step to a great BBQ is TO GET IT GOING!!! The charcoal we had originally brought with us didn't really want to burn (which is understandable), so we got our hunter-gathers out to collect some wood.

It took a while though after our international cooperation efforts (the Chilean way, the Japanese way and the New Zealand way of lighting a BBQ) we finally got it going. Of course it took 5 gallons of gasoline and a portable flamethrower, but that's beside the point.

Now I know why the girls were laughing. The meat is supposed to go ON the barbeque not AROUND the edge of it. It cooks a lot quicker that way.

An amazing chocolate cake for dessert donated by Santiago's top restaurant 'Akarana' (thanks to Emma) and there was so much to eat that we had lots and lots of food left over (except the cake which went like wildfire). The catch phrase at the end of the day was ¿Quieres llevar ensalada? (Do you want to take some salad?) since there was so much salad and meat left over. Everyone took home a doggy bag with them and I bet that nobody went hungry that day.

The general consensus was that we all had a great day, eating, drinking and talking to others from different cultures.

There's Diego who seems quite laid back. I think it's because he was given beer from the red can there on the table instead of from his bottle (they're close together so easily confusable). It's probably another reason why he tried to take all his clothes of too (we told him to stop when he got to his pants).

Oh well, he enjoyed himself.

Michael giving an incredible explanation of... something (I don't know, I wasn't listening) to Connie his wife and Shiri from Israel.

Both Michael and Connie had to take a plane back to Australia later that evening though it was good that they still came along.

How is that for student dedication!!??!!??

My question is... Did the other people on the plane to Australia wonder where that yummy barbeque smell was coming from? :)

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Last Updated: 07 November 2014
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